Yung-Yu Chen

Yung-Yu is a numerical analyst and HPC software architect. He has experience in different application domains, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and computational lithography. Yung-Yu is currently working as a technologist of OPC at Synopsys, and spending some time teaching software development for engineering at NYCU. He has contributed to the Python community for many years and is a PSF fellow.

Shu-Hsi Lin

Shu-Hsi is a data engineer, python programmer, and computational biologist. He currently manages a team for data engineering at Micron. He has broad interests in software/data architecture, IoT applications, cloud/web services, and engineer culture, and spends a lot of time sharing his insights about the data engineering field online and offline.

Robert Lin

Robert is an EDA (electronic design automation) engineer focusing on STA (static timing analysis) and customer engagement, and works at Google. He collaborated with many IC design houses in Taiwan and led the very first customer lending for multiple products. Robert also contributed to PyCon Taiwan as an organizing team leader.

Chester Cheng

Chester is a programmer and DevOps engineer with expertise in automation, containerization, CI/CD, and cloud computing. Currently, he leads a team to ensure the quality and reliability of the entire networking system including SDK (Switch Development Kit) and SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud). Chester is passionate about open-source projects, and contributes to the Open Traffic Generator project.