Scisprint 2020 August: uTensor

Scisprint 2020 August: uTensor

uTensor is an extremely lightweight machine learning inference framework built on TensorFlow and optimized for Arm targets. It consists of a runtime library and an offline tool that handles most of the model translation work. This repo holds the core runtime and some example implementations of operators, memory managers/schedulers, and more, and the size of the core runtime is only ~2KB!

The project repository is at We cordially invite everyone who’s interested in machine learning and edge computing to join us hacking uTensor.


Registration page is in progress and will be announced soon. The number of participants will have a limit of 25.

Date & time

29th August, Saturday, 2020, 1:30pm -- 4:30pm


  • 1:30pm -- 2:15pm: System / environment setup for TinyML/Embedded ML development
  • 2:15pm -- 2:45pm: Hello-World - Neural Network Getting-Started Information
  • 2:45pm -- 4:30pm: Custom Graph Engine (Python) & Runtime Operators (C++)
  • after 4:30pm: Free time for networking, dinner, after party


Treerful 小樹屋 (εΈ‚ζ°‘δΈ­ε±±):