swportal 2020 sprint #2

swportal 2020 sprint #2

Sciwork Portal (swportal) is the future website planned to serve at http://sciwork.dev/, to replace the current "sciwork 2020 conference" web site. The source files are hosted in https://github.com/sciwork/swportal/ .


Registration page: https://sciwork.kktix.cc/events/swportal20-2

Date & time

1st August, Saturday, 2020, 2:00pm -- 5:00pm


  • 1:30pm -- 2:00pm: Registration and environment setup
  • 2:00pm -- 3:00pm: Familiar with the command line operations
  • 3:00pm -- 5:00pm: Static website generator (Pelican)
  • after 5:00pm: Free time for networking, dinner, after party


Rm203 2F, Science Building 2, NCTU