Scisprint 2021 May: solvcon devenv

Scisprint 2021 May: solvcon devenv

We cordially invite you to join the short sprint for the development environment for solvcon projects. solvcon is a host of projects focusing on numerically solving the governing equations of transient phenomena.

The development environment, i.e., devenv (see the github page), is also a solvcon project, but has a much broader scope that includes the infrastructure for developing code for numerical calculations, which are the foundation of computational sciences and mathematics. The real-world applications, including physics, mechanics, semiconductor, finance, machine learning, etc., will be built with it.

Numerical calculations require writing high-performance code. The complex implementations call for tremendous amount of code to be written and it is not possible to do it all by a single team. External dependencies are necessary. However, because of the requirements of accuracy and performance, the dependencies are usually at the source level. Building dependencies from source is the norm. The project devenv is made to help the source-level dependency management and alignment for the runtime among developers.

Date & time

8th May, Saturday, 2021, 10:30am -- 12:00pm

It follows the talk that introduces the development of the development environment!


  • (10:00 -- 10:30: devenv talk)
  • 10:30 -- 10:45: What are sciwork sprints
  • 10:45 -- 11:00: Project information of solvcon devenv
  • 11:00 -- 12:00: Simple sprint for solvcon devenv


We will need you to have a laptop or a VM running either MacOS or Linux. At the moment the project does not yet support Windows.


Thank everyone who attended the talk and sprint today. We hope you enjoy the code!

Also thank Taichungpy for their help and support for the event:

and the speakers Chun-Hsu and Chester for thier contributions: