(Online) Scisprint 2021 Late November: Python ZH TW Doc

(Online) Scisprint 2021 Late November: Python ZH TW Doc

This is the fourth sprint for translating Python official document from English to traditional Chinese (Taiwan; ZH TW locale).

The agenda:

  • Review and discuss about the previous action items.
  • New coordinator announcement: We have two new coordinators, they will help to review and make sure the project are on track.
  • New branch were set: 3.10 branch was established and set to default.
  • Fallback language translation: Translate simplified Chinese back to original English version.

We are now working on the 3.10 branch of the document: https://github.com/python/python-docs-zh-tw/tree/3.10.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes were at hackmd: https://hackmd.io/@sciwork/SJ6n62i8K.


Please join gather.town on the day of sprint!!

Date & time

21th November, Sunday, 2021, 14:30 -- 16:30


  • 14:00 -- 14:30: Gathering
  • 14:30 -- 15:00: Review progress of the action items listed in the previous sprint
  • 15:00 -- 16:30: Discuss about the improvement of review, glossary, and automation


A laptop or desktop to access gather.town. Mobile devices are known to have issues.

Read the README of https://github.com/python/python-docs-zh-tw/tree/3.10.


sciwork gather.town.

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