Scisprint 2021 Late November in Taipei

Scisprint 2021 Late November in Taipei

We cordially invite you to join the short sprint for solvcon projects. solvcon is a host of projects focusing on numerically solving the governing equations of transient phenomena. There will be two projects in solvcon and we will not assume you to have the domain knowledge. We welcome everyone having basic skills in Unix programming.

solvcon projects

This event will focus on two projects in solvcon:

  • The development environment devenv. It supports the development of other solvcon projects by providing an infrastructure of building the third-party dependencies from source.

    Numerical calculations require writing high-performance code. The complex implementations call for tremendous amount of code to be written and it is not possible to do it all by a single team. External dependencies are necessary. However, because of the requirements of accuracy and performance, the dependencies are usually at the source level. Building dependencies from source is the norm. The project devenv is made to help the source-level dependency management and alignment for the runtime among developers.

  • Mesh module modmesh. It is a C++-11 library wrapped using pybind11 for the spatial mesh for the space-time conservation element and solution element (CESE) method.


In addition to solvcon projects, we will also spend time to improve the sciwork website:


Add your name in the sprint notes and Go to our discord channel to say hi to us.

The event is free, but you need to make at least an order (for coffee or something) at Old Major Coffee (where we meet this time). Make two orders, if you can.

Please sign up using a name that we can identify you, and introduce yourself when you show up.

Date & time

20th November, Saturday, 2021, 14:00 -- 16:00


There is not really an agenda. We will just be there and code. You will like it.


You will need a laptop or VM running either MacOS or Linux. At the moment the project does not yet support Windows.


Old Major Coffee (深夜咖啡)

Address: 10491台北市中山區新生北路三段45號