Scisprint 2022 May in NYCU (with Career Panel)

Open, Free, and Balanced Software Career: a Panel Discussion

You are cordially invited to the sciwork joint event of career panel and project sprint. It will feature the discussions with experienced software developers in the vibrant industries. The Panelists will provide insightful information and hands-on experience for how professional software development works globally and locally. Your questions are also welcomed.

The panel discussions will be especially helpful to those who are seeking a professional career in the technology sectors. Software is a central piece to move forward the civilization and it is of utmost importance to invest in the development. As individuals, a key question is whether or not a career in software is a suitable one, and if it is, how to pursue it? We will discuss these questions from different facets.

After the panel discussions we will have the usual sprints. You can join both the panel and the sprint or either of them. Put your name and contact in the hackmd document (Sign Up). Online discussions are available at .


誠摯邀請你來參加 sciwork 職涯座談與專案衝刺 (sprint) 二合一活動。我們將邀請資歷豐富的專業人士 (見 Panelists),依據本地化的視角提供全球性的軟體產業經驗。希望能夠幫助你進入科技領域,也歡迎你前來提問。軟體是現代文明的發展中心,也是重要的投資。在決定踏入相關領域之前,最好能夠儘早了解個人的適性與發展方向。

座談會之後還有慣例的專案衝刺活動。你可以選擇參加其中一個活動,或者兩個都參加。請在活動的 hackmd 文件 (Sign Up) 中登記你的名字 (本名或任何稱呼均可) 與聯絡方式。也可以在 與我們線上討論。


Yuren Ju ( is a passionate software developer spending many years in exciting frontend technology and open source, and currently an engineering manager at Perpetual Protocol (, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) company.

Dr. Shu-Hsi Lin ( is working for data-centric applications and focusing on building the engineering culture. He is currently leading a data engineering team in the smart manufacturing area at Micron.

See also Jobs for the job openings at the companies. Feel free to bring your questions to the event.


Dr. Yung-Yu Chen ( is a R&D engineer developing software for numerical and technical applications. He is currently working on mask synthesis at Synopsys and teaching a course at NYCU.


To every attendee of the career panel, our sponsor Droidtown will provide a coupon code of their product CV-Scanner for one month of full-function trial.

CV-Scanner is implemented with insights from professional HR and opinions from Tech. Company's high-end managers. It uses NLP AI to parse your autobiography and give suggestions to help compose an informative autobiography. The items CV-Scanner checks are the most-want-to-know information to HR and programming team leaders. Our research shows that experienced manager tend to ignored template-based texts for they cannot see the candidates' narrative logic from the texts. Unlike most template CV/Autobiography tools that erase one's writing style, CV-Scanner keeps job seekers' writing style to help the HR identify talents with better sense.

CV-Scanner 是在實地參訪人資主管的專業洞見和科技公司高階經理對召募人員的想法後,實作而成的寫作輔助平台。自然語言處理 AI 將自動解析您的自傳內容並給予建議以便輔助求職者編寫更完整且豐富的自傳內容。CV-Scanner 的解析功能,將會檢查人資部門以及軟體工程部門主管最想看的項目,並給予建議。我們的研究中發現有經驗的經理人傾向略過明顯基於範本的自傳,因為千篇一律的範本使他們無法從文字中確認求職者的敘事邏輯是否清楚。因此,和大部份履歷/自傳範本不同的是,CV-Scanner 保留您的撰寫風格以供用人單位辨別求職者是否具備清晰思維。

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Outbreak Update

There is recently a wave of COVID-19 outbreak in Taiwan. The organizing team is monitoring the development and will follow the CDC directives. If necessary, we may move the event online and update the access information here.


Date: 13th May, Friday, 2022

  • 15:20 - 15:30 Opening and introducing panelists 開場座談員介紹
  • 15:30 - 16:20 Panel discussion 座談
  • 16:20 - 16:40 Audience feedback 聽眾問答
  • 16:40 - 18:00 Break (dinner time) 晚餐休息時間
  • 18:00 - 20:00 Project sprint 專案衝刺
  • 20:00 End of event 活動結束


Sprint Projects and Requirements

If you want to join and bring your projects, please Contact us. Please follow the links for what are required for each of the projects:


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